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❈ Movie Yoga Free Webinar 

This Free Webinar will help you underastand how you can work with your feelings just by watching a film and looking within. You will: 

  • hear about the different ways of watching a film 
  • understand what is really Movie Yoga, the technique of Tav Sparks, director of Grof Transpersonal Training
  • learn about Dr Grof's Cartography of the Psyche
  • be introduced to your APS (Awareness Positioning System)
  • hear about the 4 Matrices of Transpersonal psychology 
  • understand the related 4 Zones in the movies
  • receive clear instructions of how to do Movie Yoga alone, based on specific steps
  • have recommendations about integrating your experiences into your daily life
  • be introduced to filmtherapy and its benefits.

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❈ Filmtherapy

On a monthly basis, working in groups of 5 people. 

Applying Movie Yoga and other models of filmtherapy on a preselected film.

Understanding more about your experiences by linking them to your current situation. 

Learning in depth this new method and integrating your experiences into your daily life. 

❈ Experiential Workshops - Rythmo Breathwwork

Once a month, an experiential workshop that connects you to your inner healer and guides you to the most important path of your life. 

❈ Consultations Holotropic Breathwork™ 

With the guidance of your inner wisdom, after a workshop or independantly, we explore the paths for your personal development.

❈ Holotropic Breathwork™ Workshops

What can a workshop of Holotropic Breathwork™ offer you? 

  • Connection wit the wisdom of the inner healer
  • Personal transformation
  • Relief from stress 
  • Increased creativity and inspiration 
  • Internal balance 
  • High capability of solving personal issues  
  • Adventure of self discovery 
  • Possibility of healing trauma 
  • Spiritual experience 
  • Happiness for life - just living better 
  • Connecting with new people in a supporting environment